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March 25 2017

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March 24 2017

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does anyone else go to take a sip of their tea/coffee and then realise you’ve already drank it all and just have a moment where you’re just like: betrayal

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so sad
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okay but waking up in the middle of the night to soft rain and knowing you’ve still got hours to sleep, when you’re toasty warm and comfortable & sleep has made you forget all your worries and responsibilities and u go back to sleep feeling as content as ever

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Synchronized waking up. [x]

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© Kiyoshi Yamaguchi.

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March 23 2017

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Pytano dzieci, czym według nich jest miłość. Pewna dziewczynka powiedziała, jakże celnie, że miłość jest wtedy, kiedy mama robi tacie rano kawę i zawsze upija troszeczkę, żeby sprawdzić, czy jest dobra.
— Iza Falkowska-Tyliszczak
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March 22 2017

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The annual penny farthing bicycle race ~ Herne Hill velodrome, South London, 1937 [Keystone France]

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